Sitting Guard To Tripod Sweep, 1 Leg X Sweep, Arm Drag To Neck Crank Back

In this 3 move series we are going to be facing someone who is better at takedowns than us so we decide that the safest approach is to sit guard with a baseball grip.  In the first move it’s important that you put your foot on their hip before your butt hits the ground so that they can’t close the distance.  Additionally, make sure to use your thumb to grab their ankle so that they can’t kick out and escape your grip.  After hooking your right foot behind their knee or behind their ankle push with your left leg and pull with left foot all the while holding onto their arm for the sweep.  In the second move we are trying to prevent the Knee Slide Pass by using our bottom foot to hook their thigh.  However, it’s important not to stay here to long and to mount our offense as quickly as possibly by transitioning into the Single Leg X position.  We do this by straightening our right leg up and back and then by bringing it to the left causing his leg to reach our armpit.  Be sure to use your grip on his arm as a counterbalance.  In the third technique the key points are to armdrag at the first sign of resistance to the second technique and get  to the seatbelt position.  Make sure to protrude your shoulder and walk until you are hiding the back of your neck with it.  Once you reach approximately 100 degrees, switch your hips and bring your elbows to your hips to take his back.

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